On the other side of the full moon in Pisces we find ourself in a state of integration where our new identity no longer attaches to situations, people and habitual patterns that have kept most of us locked in a lower vibration for most of this cycle of the Kali Yuga. Most of us felt the whimsical and somewhat Etheric flow of the divine in all as so many grounded planets like Mercury, Mars, Venus and the Sun in Virgo and these reflected our true intention in Taurus which is grounded earth. For many our lives took on meaning and purpose and had a galvanised plan of action gracefully manifesting around them. The additional implementation of this energy has activated the new 12 crystalline strands of DNA which gives us the ability to surrender and release in trust to allow the worthiness of self love into our unified energy field. For self the image of a cork floating above a crystal clear lake of purity on some days and a turbulent and unstable ocean on others revealed a bigger gift that helps release to become a deeper form of liberation and loving light. If we are accepting and unashamed of who we are, flaws and all then the universe can well up under our cork and give us the free self expression to be exactly who we are. The powerful solar return of father Saturn on Wednesday brings us release in a greater return to defined order, which is what our species needs to structure our daily lives. Saturn will bring balance and return us all to the river of divine ease and grace and for that it’s time to look in the mirror take a well deserved bow and collect your Gold Star for a job well done.


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