To say that this first week in Virgo has been anything but challenging is an understatement and for many including self was forced to experience an intense dark night of the Soul for a number of Days. So what is it exactly and why is it so confronting when dealing with third parties? For starters we had a mutable square with Jupiter, The Moon, Venus and Mars all conjunct in a grand square which forces us to see things, especially people and their polarity behavior for exactly what they are. It didn’t make much to trigger us into a reactionary state of emotional turbulence and many faced some relationships with the clearest filter to the truth than ever before. Throw into this emotional hotbed of upheaval, distortion and confusion a good measure of cognitive dissonance and you have Chaotic Maya with serious Karmic overtones. People just can’t be transparent and true to who they are as demonstrated by saying one thing and doing something completely different. Talk about watching a bunch of immature children on the playground all vying for their little piece of center stage. However…on the other side of the lens lay a cathartic resolution that saw the birth and integration of our new identity….and it’s a beaut. To put it simply many of us have emerged in an elevated state of illumination which has manifested in living light of heart in a bubble of joy, grounded in gratitude and in greater selfless service to others. The rest of Virgo season and the expansion we are experiencing with Jupiter trining the Moon looks quite promising with deeper integration of the “We Are We Are” principle in all.



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