So on the other side of the new Super-moon in Virgo we found ourselves further integrating a lot of the planetary shifts that came from the celebratory energy of Leo…or so we thought. The fiery energy of Leo turned out to be quite emotionally turbulent and easy to trigger others into inflamed reactionary states of unbalance and childish behavior. So what happened energetically to our spiritual alignment and why have so many felt more alive and in tune with the earths energy as we built up in this last week to the new moon? It’s quite simple really, the personality expressed by the Venus and Moon conjunction was no longer a reflection of the old paradigm (reality as we know it) but rather a whole new planetary logos and expression of solar light that challenged our sensibilities to look more deeper into our internal struggle. So….many found solace in returning to nature and ramping up their devotional practice to ground these new energy’s in the NOW. Today Riki Buckingham from the UK talks candidly about Gaia calling her children home to her and the importance of respecting the space suit, one’s internal body grid with the digestion of wild food.



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