Although we are on the other side of this full moon in Aquarius which was a major anger burner and emotional rollercoaster I felt that a more important insight into the unhealthy dependency most of us have to social media and the filter of delusion that we actually believe we are perceiving our life through. Human rights and it’s unlimited exploitation within the 3D dilemma have sadly been replaced as to what has become known in the “Control Program” as our Data rights and we all have the capacity to limit the spread of this virus which is at pandemic level today. By being logged into FB, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat and the unlimited list goes on we open ourselves to a constant attack by third party entities and companies who have no interest in presenting or supporting a sentient agenda. When will we wake up the fact that everything offered  to us for FREE has a price as no one supports another without expressing an Agenda and the responsibility they refuse to accept when violating the core essence of our everyday living, breathing and being in the NOW?



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