The 2019 Lions Gate on the 8th of the 8th illuminated the infinite symbol of unlimited possibility and probability for all of us. The Maverick energy of Uranus in Taurus has shaken things up to such a degree that many of us no longer recognise the person we once thought we knew. Our new lens of perception has been cleansed of other self and birthed a new version of self where all has been redefined without attachment to the illusory expression of the 5 senses. These are now obsolete and many of us have been creating the energetic and spiritual building blocks of a 6th sense but only to make way for what will soon become our reflection and expression of a 7th Sense. The expression of this new extra sensory capability can only externalize it’s expansive nature in the language of Unity. In order for us to manifest the expression of this sense and a loving and compassionate new level of being we need to re visit some quintessential dates in the calendar of our experience in the last ten years. How many of you remember, 1987, 2000, 2012, 2016 and now January, March and August of 2019? In order to allow,embrace and integrate the breath of the 7th sense we release the conceptual ideal of the “I am my I am presence” principle and replace it with the universal mantra of only ever being or expressing everything we are in the “We are presence”. So, what is the 7th Sense for you? For me it’s the larger and more expansive expression of Discernment and Transmutation in absolutely everything.



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