A powerful sigh of relief from all sides of the planet and welcome to Leo season. The welcoming release from the compression created by 5 planets in retrograde for the bulk of Cancer season and up until the Capricorn full moon has allowed us all to feel the warm embrace of engaging positive energy that the new moon in Leo brings to the heart space of all humanity. Today we feature another candid one on one chat with Riki (UK) and myself and discuss the wonder that is Nature and how it interprets itself in the language of today. We look into the power of discernment and our ability to let go all that no longer serves our highest good, we discuss the jigsaw and puzzle pieces that make up this unique life from our ancestral perspective and look into some Alchemic energy remedy’s for better health and vitality. We look into the integration of the solar sun light codes and the activation of color therapy when trying to better understand the output of our unique Chakra system and the connection to the Divine in all.


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