2012 – A Year in development

With the first quarter of 2012 drawing to a close I felt it was important in light of all the doom and gloom in the music world today to shed some light on what is genuinely possible if you approach your business model in the right way. So in my case by sticking to a plan where I was taking an active stake in the master ownership of the albums I was producing with artists around the world I am now able to report some rather exciting success stories.

Rozii Chaos (United Kingdom)

18yo Rozii Chaos burst onto the scene some (5) years ago as a force to be reckoned with and has simply gone strength to strength and in 2011 recorded the first half of her album with yours truly at the controls at Graffite Studios in London. Six months later the (5) tracks have been captured and packaged as her first EP, “Sweet & Tempered” and signed to the Florida based Musik and Films Out of the Box Record Label with distribution by Universal / IN Grooves globally. The first single, a modern day cover of the seminal classic by Jefferson Airplane, “Somebody to Love” will be released on April 24th and is already available on Amazon UK while the EP  “Sweet & Tempered” will be released on April 11th 2012. With a fresh new band in tow and a number of licensing credits to her bow she is destined to take the world by storm and will be charting in the UK shortly.

Check out the NEW Website here: http://www.roziichaos.com

Jerzee (Germany)

This hard working female rocker from Hamburg has been likened to a female version of Springsteen… and that’s OK by me. After a long and lengthy negotiation she will be signing her first album. “it’s only rock N roll but it feels like love” to Andreas Kiel Publishing / BMG Music Group (Germany) and will arrive in Melbourne, Australia on May 8th to begin working with yours truly on the album. Best of all she is documenting the journey by bringing an ENG/News crew from RTL TV Berlin to cover proceedings in the studio which will be produced and aired as a Television Special in Europe later on in the year. Featuring (5) of my own songs on this edgy album the project is looking damn good to be picked up and promoted to radio by Musik and Film / Radio Promotions Group in the US. For more check out the website:

Jerzee Official Websitehttp://www.jerzee.de/site/en/

Trip Sinister (Australia)

Electro Pop dynamo’s Trip Sinister believe that New Order, Joy Division and The Cure deserve another shot at the BIG TIME… and they are right.  T^he five piece hail from Brisbane and traveled down to Melbourne in 2011 to work with yours truly on their debut album “Strutt” at Atlantis Studios (Australia) and then I took the album sessions to London and mixed them with Dave Palmer at Graffite Studios. Six months later the band are signing a release and distribution deal with Muicforma out of Korea and an exclusive deal with Out of the Box Records in the US. The first single, “Victim Baby” will be released on May 31st and the second single, “Champagne Glasses” will be released on the 31st of July 2012 with the album following shortly behind on September 1st. To say this hard working band are on their way to international acclaim is a long and resounding YES… for more check out the website.

Trip Sinister Album "Strutt"


Transference (Australia / UK / Russia)

With the Dream Vampires enjoying international success with the release of the first (2) albums across the US and Europe. The natural progression seemed to be to move into a more eclectic and ethereal realm while the Vampires took a well earned break. Transference is the brainchild of yours truly and brings together a Pink Floyd meets the Velvet Underground approach to making music strictly for film and television. Having recently signed licensing deals with Write Stuff Music (NY), Play it Loud Music (Canada) and now Musik and Film in Florida the band are set to present their unique blend of music and soundtrack material to a global audience with the release of their first single, “Life Like Water” featuring Lisa Fury (UK) on May 30th. The second single will be a very different cover of the Duran Duran classic, “Ordinary World” featuring the vocal talents of Julian Reid and the album, “Transference” will follow shortly on August 25th 2012. Tracks produced to date have been earmarked and short listed with Cutting Edge Group (London) for Snow White 2 (feature) and also Kids Vs Aliens (indie feature) , Xpress Body Pieces (indie feature), Blastzone Series (US television) and Furious Angel (feature) to name a few. The bands Jango Radio page has gone strength to strength since being launched a month ago. Check out some of the tunes by clicking the cover below.

Transference Official

Check out the Dream Vampires and click the link to Transference here:


Classic Rock Catalog (Licensing)

An exclusive deal was signed on March 26th with the CEO of Musik and Film in Florida with Stephen Wrench  Stephen is synonymous with some of the biggest names in classic rock. from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Toto to the Rolling Stones to Ozzy Ozbourne and the list goes on.  During his extensive 40 year plus history which includes his position as VP of RCA Records in Nashville the company has accumulated an extensive catalog of Classic Rock hits which yours truly now represents worldwide. The list of masters on offer below is just a small snippet of what’s on offer. To clarify this is a MASTER licensing deal only and publishing on any given track still needs to be cleared for the specific usage granted which we offer to do as an additional paid service. Feel free to ask me about pricing on these incredible songs. I assure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Classic Rock Tracks

1.   Eye of the Tiger (Jimi Jamison)
2.   We built this city (Starship)
3.   8675309 Jenny (Tommy Tutone)
4.   Gimme Some Lovin (Spencer Davis)
5.   Tender Years (John Cafferty)
6.   Hold the Line (Toto)
7.   Rosanna (Toto)
8.   Africa (Toto)
9.   Turn me Loose (Loverboy)
10. Working for the Weekend (Loverboy)
11. On the Dark Side (John Cafferty)
12. Almost Paradise (Mike Reno)
13. Woman from Tokyo (Glenn Hughes)
14. Smoke on the Water (Glenn Hughes)
15. Keep on Moving (Glenn Hughes)

Out of the Box records and Musik and Film

Check out the Musik and Film and Full Radio Promotions Network here:



Mike Puskas Official

That’s all folks – Keep rockin!

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mikepuskas · 7 April 2012 at 8:49 am

Once read please be constructive and not destructive… you can private message me to get answers to any questions you may have and yes the deals do apply to new artists. It’s ongoing and in place long term.

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