It is unfortunate in this industry when people need to be warned about dealing with other people. Especially when these people get into a business deal with the best of intentions. But when those ideals are compromised by mental stress and non compliance it can force people to do some rather outlandishly stupid things.

One such individual is the ex President of AMG in NY, Sylvie Harris, who has chosen to make an example of me by threatening my artists with both libel and slanderous comments designed to shake up my reputation. So to set the record straight, here is an overview of the situation which I then hope you ascertain the facts and make up your own mind about what’s what?

This is a classic case of a disgruntled ex associate of mine from NY who thought she was going to make a lot of money by exploiting the credentials of established industry professionals at a time when the American market and economy were in the toilet. Now the deal was simple she wanted to launch a 10 step artist development program which I helped write up, coordinate, solicit clients and payed for out of my own pocket to produce a video that explained the steps in detail and created confidence in dealing with established professionals as opposed to the countless of scammers out there to try and make a quick buck. A major website was launched and a publicity campaign undertaken and the response was lukewarm at best.

I started consulting for a number of artists and the deal was I would get paid a certain commission for each artist that I worked with in the program on Skype on nay one or more of the steps covered in the program. The trouble here is that Sylvie is a loose cannon and has emotional issues and once an artist gave her the slightest hint of wanting to work with her then she would jump all of them and sign them up to management deals that she never followed through on. Because she was now managing this artist she felt that it was unfair that I get paid for my end of their development. Now on one such occasion I had already been paid my 50% of the sign up fee as we were partners even though she still had not signed the contract (first order of business, make sure the parameters of the association are clearly spelled out in writing) and then she wanted her money back and I said….. expletive remark, that’s not how this works and you have shot yourself in the foot with both me and the artist which neither now want to deal with you.

She then threatened to put the IRS on me for scamming her money and started posting blogs warning others off working with me. I told her that because she has jumped the gun and allowed emotion to take over and not wait until a time when things could be worked out and resolved amicably that she blew any chance of getting back a refund and now she could whistle dixie all the way home. I also informed her in writing that I too would inform all the artists that got scammed in the program with all these A&R executives and showcase promises to not deal with her because of her emotional issues and the fact that she had no credibility or follow through.

So, I ask you that if this person was in fact a player of any kind today then why is her twitter page last entry January 2010 and why does her website no longer exist.

I’ll tell you why because as the title of this blog clearly states she is a NON entity that doesn’t count full stop. There is enough recorded incriminating evidence that could put this woman away for two life times and then some. Enough said… you be the judge and I’ll keep on doing what I do best.

To those of you who found the post disturbing or disappointing or both I apologize to you all in advance.

To read the comments and or leave one on the source info for this. Click the link below.  Sometimes, it’s obvious that someone has to make a stand to ensure the safe future for others.

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Cindy · 18 January 2012 at 7:23 pm

I have recently had the displeasure in getting aquainted with Sylvie Harris and I must agree there are some very serious psychological issues there. Always dropping the ball, never following through and when questioned …well Sylvie became defensive in an intimidating way; it was a very unpleasant experience trying to go forward on a music project and finding out there was no follow through on her end….uninspiring to say the least. Left me somewhat depleted.

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