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The following blog relates to my (6) month trip OS where I saw the basic framework of the music biz gradually disintegrate.

To all my trusted friends and associates (you know who you are).

Having recently returned from (6) months on the road where I was working in the US, UK and parts of Europe I witnessed by all accounts the gradual disintegration of the business and the old music model as we know it. I myself have been steadily working in the game for over (27) years and have seen it spiral up and down but never saw the business in crisis as it is today.

With that said I am moving out of the direct artist relations, artist management and label release side of the industry and only acting as an experienced consultant for artists and specialising in third party licensing of quality product to film, TV, advertising and all media opportunities. So it is with humility that I launch my own songwriting and composition site on my space. Check it out here: I want to further explore what I love doing most and that is writing hit songs, scoring movies and working for Disney and other companies, while continuing to produce new artists in the studio and provide them with a virile release platform for their products. But I want to choose who I work with and how I work with them. In short a decent days work for a decent days pay.

To this end I have joined forces with Mike McCready and his NY team to launch an appraisal and production offer with the NEW look Music X Ray which can be checked out at: Music X ray Artists will need to get a Music X Ray made for US2.00 per song at: Artists make your Music XRay Here I think this is the most virile and dynamic marketing tool for artists in the business today. Already Atlantic and Sony are looking at these as the preferred method of A&R submission.

I have also joined forces with Pat Maloney who is the head of Music OZ in Australia. The company is now offering in addition to its annual NEXT BIG THING Showcase a very viable and cost effective digital distribution platform for select artists. I am pleased to say that, The Vaine, Amelia Bloom, The Art Nova and Tony Cuic have all been chosen to take advantage of this opportunity. Check it out at: Muisc OZ Digital Distribution

Finally whilst in the US I signed a blanket deal with Time / Warner and Teletunez for direct licensing of artist product to such major entities under the banner as: the W.B. New Line Cinema, AOL, HBO, Warner Bros Entertainment, Turner Broadcasting, Time Inc etc. Check it all out here: Time Warner Incorporated and the licensing arm of Teletunez here:Teletunez Licensing In December of 2008 I licensed some 39 original tracks to the platform.

After seeing the lack of transparency that existed from retailer to label and label to artist and the lack of accountability thereof which was obvious and apparent in our royalty statements from both physical and digital distribution I was very pleased to find out that DEAD Famous was one of the most consistent sellers through the MGM Distribution Platform. After further consultation with Sebastian Chase CEO it was decided that MGM would not only handle all physical distribution of our product to retail but would take on all digital rights as well as mobile delivery and PDA rights as well. You can check the inventory out here: MGM Distribution

One of the other things that became more and more apparent whilst traveling around the world was the way that the GIG / Live Show had become the artists new sales store and platform for exposure as this was the one place that they could WOW the crowd, add new fans to mailing lists and sell CD’s and swag and control all the proceeds in the process. To this end and after searching many options we have consolidated our ongoing relationship with the Online Merchandising Company, Out With The New. All our remaining artists will be able to sell their own merch and swag through this service and retain 85% of all revenues. Check it out here: Out With The New Merchandise

In addition we also learnt that the disposable audience of today does not want to PAY for music at all hence the shutting down of such major retailers as Zavvi in the UK, FYE in the US etc. So we consolidated a partnership Agreement with Number One Music to give away FREE (30) original songs to stimulate our FAN base. In less than (3) weeks we have done over 24,000 plays and have received wonderful support from our growing fan base with new fans signing up everyday.Check it out here: Number One Artists

So to conclude by giving away FREE Music as well as creating value adds wherever possible to stimulate FAN interaction you slowly build a Loyalty Program. Once this has been consolidated properly you can then direct these FANS to the individual Webstores (which we control 100% of all revenues) of the Artists where they can purchase exclusive music, package deals and special offers for a fraction of the price. To see what I mean just click the links below and you will be taken to our Artists First Webstores for hassle free purchasing either via SMS to mobiles or Paypal to your computer. Check it out below.

The Vaine Webstore
Cavalar Webstore
Fyrefly Webstore
Stimulator Webstore
Amelia Bloom Webstore
The Art Nova Webstore
Tony Cuic Webstore

So I hope that the information contained in this blog will give an insight into what the future holds for DEAD Famous and myself. I am personally launching my own production service which will be known to the market as 2012 Productions. Enjoy and feel free to spread the word on this blog.



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